Preserve Your Business With Industrial-Quality Refrigeration

Preserve Your Business With Industrial-Quality Refrigeration

Long Branch, NJ businesses keep things fresh with our commercial refrigeration services

If you’re a small business owner, you know that every penny counts. When produce is your currency, why let money go to waste? Keep your groceries fresh with our reliable commercial refrigeration installation, repair and replacement services.

If you run, or are considering opening, a business in any of these industries, it’s time to invest in a reliable refrigeration system:
• Deli
• Supermarket
• Butcher
• Pharmacy
• Restaurant
• Bakery
• Hotel
• Golf course

Are you a small business with limited capital? Contact us to learn more about our leasing options.

Do you deal in frozen fare? Avoid accidental thawing with freezers and generators

If your business handles a lot of frozen food or produce, you know how frustrating it can be to lose products due to accidental thawing. Between power outages and temperature regulation problems, there are more than a few ways to lose money when dealing in frozen goods.

At Coastal Refrigeration Corp, we offer a range of solutions to your problems. First, it’s good to buy appliances you can trust. By investing in reliable freezer technology, you can avoid problems before they start. But if you already have a freezer that needs repair in Long Branch, we can take care of that, too.

You can also avoid the headache of accidental thawing by investing in a Generac brand backup generator. Occasional power outages are unavoidable, and with a generator you can be prepared in advance without having to toss any of your products.

Stop by our shop today to see our selection of reliable backup generators.